Vaisala DMT340 Series Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitters

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    Features Four transmitter types:DMT341: Transmitter for wall mountingDMT347: Transmitter with small pressure-tight probeDMT342: Transmitter with small flanged probe for use with sampling cellDMT348: Transmitter for pressurized pipelinesDMT344: Transmitter for pre..


    • Four transmitter types:
      • DMT341: Transmitter for wall mounting
      • DMT347: Transmitter with small pressure-tight probe
      • DMT342: Transmitter with small flanged probe for use with sampling cell
      • DMT348: Transmitter for pressurized pipelines
      • DMT344: Transmitter for pressurized processes
    • Dewpoint measurement: -60 to 80°C (-94 to 176°F)
    • Dewpoint accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F)
    • Vaisala DRYCAP Sensor
    • Temperature measurement: 0 to 80°C (32 to 176°F)
    • Temperature accuracy: ±0.2°C (at room temperature)
    • Temperature sensor: Pt 100 IEC 751 1/3 class B
    • Up to 3 analog outputs
    • WLAN/LAN interface

    The Vaisala DRYCAP dewpoint and temperature transmitter series DMT340 is designed for industrial low humidity applications. Typical applications include compressed air drying and metal treatment. The transmitters are very reliable, easy to use and economical to maintain.

    Vaisala DRYCAP sensors are immune to particulate contamination, water condensation, oil vapor and most chemicals. Since the sensor withstands condensation, its performance is unmatched for low dew point applications that experience water spikes in the process. The sensor recovers rapidly from contact with free-water.

    The DMT340 can be ordered with a large numerical and graphical display with a multilingual menu. It allows the user to monitor measurement trends and one-year history. The optional data logger with real-time clock makes it possible to generate more than four years of measured history and zoom in on any desired time or time frame. The display alarm allows tracking of any measured parameter, with a freely configurable low and high limit.

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