AEMC Model 6550 Megohmmeter

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    Features Test voltage up to 10kVRamp voltage measurementsStep voltage measurementsNon-destructive (early break) testDigital filtering of insulation measurementsLive measurement of the voltageprogrammable thresholds to trigger audibleTimed measurement duration c..


    • Test voltage up to 10kV
    • Ramp voltage measurements
    • Step voltage measurements
    • Non-destructive (early break) test
    • Digital filtering of insulation measurements
    • Live measurement of the voltage
    • programmable thresholds to trigger audible
    • Timed measurement duration checks

    The AEMC Model 6550 Megohmmeter is a high-end portable measuring instrument intended for the measurement of a wide varity of electrical insulation resistance values on cables and devices operating at high voltage. It is the only fully automated 10,000V graphical insulation tester. The Model 6550 is packaged in a rugged case that is IP54 when closed. Test results and configuration information is provided on a graphical LCD screen as well as exportable through the use of DataView® software provided. This megohmmeter can operate on battery or AC power while testing.

    The Model 6550 also offers the ability to program up to three step voltage profiles (from 40 to 10,000), each containing up to ten steps. There are also ramp profiles and three programmable test voltages in addition to the standard fixed voltages of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10,000V.

    Applications include:

    • Acceptance testing and preventive maintenance
    • Test motors, pumps, valves, cables, switchgears and electrical wiring installations
    • Continuity checks
    • High resistance or absorption tests
    • Spot reading tests
    • Timed resistance measurements
    • Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) and Polarization Index (PI) tests
    • Multi-layer insulation testing (DD)
    • Test old or water damaged installations over long time periods
    • Motor insulation resistance measurements
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